I was thinking of learning it just for the sake of learning it, you know? I wanted to try teaching myself a knew language, and not the common ones like french or spanish that we have here. Since Korean I guess is most relevant to me, in the sense of it's the language that I hear the most, I thought I would give it a go once I am done learning spanish

Go for it :)



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aiii do you just learn things to use them on the daily basis?? So why am I even bothering reading Stephen Hawking? I am not working in Nasa. Well I’ll probably stop then… 

lol Agata you can’t really compare a book to a whole language. Language is something you use on a daily basis and if you don’t use it on a daily basis it will slowly fade away (that’s what i’ve experienced  when i travel to Chile for 3 months). I’m not telling that anon to learn a language only to use it everyday, i just find it a little weird to spend years learning a language to NOT use it on a daily basis (not even on a daily basis but to communicate when you need to) and just sometimes because you really like one particular thing for example music. I’ve tried to learn Italian, French, Latin and Portuguese but it didn’t went well because I couldn’t use it with anyone. (I tried to learn Latin because it’s basically the grandma to most of the languages in Europa, i think, and knowing Latin would help me learn more languages and also help me in spanish and even in school with other subjects) A language is something bigger than just a book, language is, as I said before, a weapon. Reading a book is also some kind of weapon because you learn new things and you grow intellectually but a language is something you need to keep practicing your whole life. I’m sorry if this comes out as angry, i’m not, I like to talk about these things, thanks for your opinion ^^ I can see that you strongly disagree but I hope you will understand what I’m trying to say after reading this ~~

lol, okay. most exo fans are so gullible. btw, you have some interesting topics/discussions on your blog rn. i wanted to study japanese because jrock was my everything during the last years. i'm glad i didn't because i don't have a lot of opportunities to actually use the language on a daily basis. :| i hope you're doing well~

 ”i didn’t because i don’t have a lot of opportunities to actually use the language on a daily basis” Yasss someone gets it! Why would anyone spend years of learning a new language if you’ll not be able to use it on a daily basis, language is soooo difficult, i even struggle with 3 languages i’ve been using my whole life on a daily basis.. Music is a good way to learn languages tho but not that useful if you’ll ever need it to communicate with other people



Okay but what about learning the language for the music? A couple of my friends learned korean so that they could understand the song lyrics and watch concerts and such. I don't think that that's bad.

hmmm, I haven’t actually thought about people learning a whole language just because of  the music. If my friend told me that she wants to learn Spanish because she really likes spanish/latin music then I’d probably think wow because  Spanish is fucking hard (even if I have talked spanish my whole life, I still find it hard) and spending years of going to classes, sitting in your room with a book, spending hours/months/years learning everything, every detail about the language just because of the music then damn you must be VERY passionate about music if you’re only learning it for music. I don’t think it’s bad but is it really only because of the music?.. I don’t know about you but I know that learning a language is REALLY difficult. Language is a weapon, it’s something you use to communicate with other people, to defend yourself, to learn about new things. language,for me, is the strongest weapon you can have, it’s something important and very difficult to learn without having a big motivation. How often will you go to concerts anyway like  3 times in your life? (unless you live close to that country) i would never learn a language just because of the music even if music is everything for me, my reason for learning a language has always been because i think languages are weapon’s and the more languages you know the more you grow intellectually. do whatever u want tho, who am i to stop you from what you want to do

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Why is it wrong to try to learn another language, in this case korean

If English were my first language I would have given you a big ass answer but I’m just going to say; it’s not wrong. What’s wrong are the intentions. Why do you want to learn it? Is it because you want to learn a new language or is it because the language is interesting? If these are the reasons then yeah lil buddy go for it but if you wanna learn Korean because you want to date a Korean person solely for the reason that they are Korean then yeah it’s wrong because you’re fetishizing Korean people and need to stop. I have actually seen kpop fans (and i know some kpop fans in real life) that are like that. They keep dehumanizing Korean people and act all crazy and yeah I’m not the best person you can ask because my English sucks and I can’t give you the answer I want to give you but do whatever you want to do as long as you’re not being an ignorant fetishizing asshole


Why do you dislike/have a problem with a white person trying to learn an East Asian language? I'm just curious sorry!


If you’re just learning it to acquire another language or need to use it for work/whatever, then fine. There’s nothing wrong with learning a language.

My problem lies with the reasons people learn it. And too often white people learn East Asian languages to feed their gross orientalism. They think it’s a way to “pick up Asian chicks” or because of their obsession with K-Pop and anime, and then talk over ACTUAL EAST ASIAN PEOPLE as if they know MORE about their culture than… ACTUAL ASIANS DO. You don’t know how many times I’ve been told, “You’re a failure at being Asian” or “But you LOOK Japanese!” or some bullshit. All by white people.

I know some white people with very good intentions behind learning an East Asian language, but honestly? That number is MINISCULE compared to the OVERWHELMING amount of white people wanting to learn it for fetishistic reasons and as an East Asian-American lemme just say I am fucking tired of it.


reminder to all kpop fans:


  • you can still be a kpop fan without fetishizing korean people

I repeat:

  • you can still enjoy kpop without fetishizing korean people